Tuesday, October 22, 2013

pocket Ling and Ting in Taiwan

Pocket Ling and Ting are now traveling the world! Why should Pocket Pacy have all the fun? Two readers (who received Pocket Ling and Ting at the birthday party) have been making Ling and Ting very happy. Pocket Ling and Ting were a little jealous that Pacy traveled to Taiwan in Dumpling Days,   but now they don't have to be! Because they are on a tour of Taiwan, themselves!

Here at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall:

And Taipei 101:

And, of course, at the BEST dumpling restaurant in the world...with Tom Cruise:

Thanks so much, Wu girls! Pocket Ling and Ting are thrilled to have found a home with you!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pisa, Peru, DC!

You may have remembered that during my trip to DC, I ran into an old friend at the Open Book school visit:

Well, this Pocket Pacy was a little faded so I gave her a bit of a touch up:

But she had good reason to be a little worn. This Pocket Pacy belongs to the bloggers of Dim Sum, Bagels and Crawfish (all the photos were taken from their blog) and, they have been taking their Pocket Pacy all around the world!

And Peru!

Make sure you click the links to see the other photos. Can I say I'm a bit jealous of this pocket pacy?  But I'm so glad I caught up with her in DC.

Happy Travels, Pocket Pacy! Happy Travels Dim Sum, Bagels and Crawfish bloggers!